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Fiber Optic Network Carrier Sidera Extends Connectivity to Canada and UK
Fiber optic-based network carrier Sidera Networks announced on Monday it has extended its low latency connectivity from the New York Metro market to Toronto, Canada and London, UK.

By extending its Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network internationally, Sidera provides a strategic advantage to financial services firms, exchanges, and other high bandwidth customers who value low latency for applications such as electronic trading and real-time content distribution.

Web hosting companies can also stand to benefit from partnering with fiber-optic network carriers like Sidera as it will improve the performance and speed of their customers, thus giving them a competitive edge.

The new low latency routes also provide diversity from Sidera’s existing routes to Toronto and London.

“As part of Sidera’s strategic plan to grow our network in ways that complement our existing customers and assets, this addition of low-latency routes to Toronto and London makes perfect sense,” said Clint Heiden, president of Sidera Networks. “We’re extending our already formidable financial services network cloud, so that customers who plug into Sidera’s Xtreme Ultra Low Latency Network have access to a world of exchanges and financial services players. By rapidly responding to customer demand and delivering the lowest latency routes possible, Sidera is building on its leadership in a market where we already provide the network that clears roughly $7 trillion in trades daily.”

Sidera’s high capacity, high availability Xtreme Ultra-low Latency Network offers low latency paths between the New York metropolitan area financial exchanges and other key locations to deliver diverse and resilient connectivity.

The company also provides customers the lowest latency route between Aurora, Illinois and Chicago, and diverse routes between New York and Ashburn, Virginia (with bypasses of New York City and Washington, DC).