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Google Fiber headed to Grandview

Grandview is the latest city in the Kansas City market to cut a deal to bring Google Fiber and its next-generation Internet speeds to home consumers. 

The city’s aldermen voted Tuesday night to OK a deal clearing the way for the Google Inc. division to build an Internet network and then string fiber optic lines to homes in Grandview.

That marks just the latest of a flurry of cities added to the coming Google Fiber footprint in the market.

It does not mean that the service will be lighting up Grandview computers and televisions soon.
“It will still be awhile before we can build Fiber in Grandview — we need to plan and engineer our network there first,” Google Fiber announced on its blog.

In fact, while the company had said in early 2011 it was bringing the service to the market at “the speed of Google,” it’s only started delivering the service to a few Kansas City, Kan., neighborhoods so far. The company expects to begin service in one Kansas City, Mo., neighborhood this month.
Next will come south Kansas City and parts of the city north of the river, but that likely won’t begin until well into 2014.

Recently, however, Google Fiber has announced growing expansion plans both in this market and elsewhere.

In March, the company made a deal to ultimately compete with Comcast Corp. in Olathe. Previously, its plans included areas dominated by Time Warner Cable. After Olathe, it added Shawnee and Raytown to its plans. Meantime, it’s made a deal to serve Austin, Texas, maybe beginning next year. And it took over an existing fiber optic network in Provo, Utah.

Google Fiber offers Internet speeds of up to one gigabit per second, nearly 100 times faster than conventional home broadband. It also offers a bundled cable-like TV subscription with the service. It is distinct in how it delivers hookup speeds typically seen in commercial services at home consumer prices.

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