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Google fiber expands to Shawnee, Kansas

This Thursday, Google announced that they would be expanding their high speed internet network, Google Fiber to Shawnee, Kansas. Google has been making sure that they expand their trial fiber optic cable internet to various parts of the country and now places like Kansas City, North Kansas City, Provo, Utah; Austin, Texas and Shawnee would be getting this high speed network.

When Google had announced their plans for Google Fiber network, over 1000 communities showed their interest in the project. Naturally, at the initial stage, they couldn’t roll out the service to each and every community and hence they had to conduct an extensive selection process to narrow down the number.

According to the Google fiber blog post by Rachel Hack (community manager, Google Fiber), the company was impressed with Shawnee’s community especially their vision to use internet to keep their citizens informed about the latest happening in the city. The city council recently modernized their community website to keep the citizens informed about the latest news in the area from crime maps to live audio streaming of city council meetings.

Although the company announced that Shawnee will be getting the Google fiber service soon, the actual availability of the service is not yet known. The blog post further said,

“We still have a lot of planning and engineering work to do before we’re ready to bring Fiber to Shawnee, so we don’t have an estimate for when service will be available yet. We’ll be sure to publish an update here as soon as we have it”.

Hence, we would have to wait till we get more information from the company. It is also worth noting that although Google had selected Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah in their Google Fiber program, the service is not yet available in these cities. It is estimated that Google Fiber will be available in Provo, Utah by the end of this year, while Austin, Texas will get the service only by 2014.