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Neighborhood warns of scam involving Google Fiber installation

A warning from an area neighborhood about a scam that's showing up in the metro.

Google Fiber is going into more communities and one home owner's association was told about a possible scam surrounding the new internet and cable provider.

Google Fiber installation is in full swing near the Brookside neighborhood. But along with the excitement of ultra fast internet, scammers are out trying to make a quick buck.

"He said he was with Google. He said it was not accessible to the crews, they wouldn't be able to complete the work and property owners would have to pay for it," Moira Rowley said.

The Armour Hills Homes Association is warning residents via Facebook that legitimate Google installers will never demand payment on site.

"You will have folks that take advantage of those opportunities to prey on people who are less informed or more susceptible to fear tactics," said Tiffany Moore with the homes association.

The scammer they're looking for dresses like the real installers, drives a white pickup and knows the technical jargon, but officials warn residents to not be fooled.

"You should check everybody out. If it's not an appointment you haven't scheduled with a service provider, you should check them out. If they are selling something, check them out," Moore said.

Kansas City police said they haven't received any complaints about the scam yet, but if the scammer knocks on your door, they want to hear from you.