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The optical fiber and cable industry is also facing challenges in recent years
In recent years the global optical fiber and cable market almost everywhere in the world has experienced strong growth, partly due to the recently launched to reduce the cost of network construction and operation of new fiber optic products. Meanwhile, the optical fiber and cable industry is also facing challenges. In this article, we will analyze the market demand for optical fiber, including in 2012 a key driver of market demand and market prospects, industry trends affecting the market for fiber optic cable, and since 2008 has become the world's biggest demand for optical fiber the Chinese market.

Market demand for fiber optic Review and 2012 market outlook
With the increasing market demand in China as well as the access network operators for investment in the past decade, the global fiber market sales grew by more than 250%. In just a few years, China has become the largest worldwide fiber market. In 2000, China accounted for 8% of global fiber market demand; to 2009 rose to 49%. In 2011, China has accounted for 47% of global fiber market; 2011 global market share of the Chinese market ratio declined slightly in other regions due to recent investments in the access network and developing regional market demand.

Access network (or FTTx Fiber - to - the - x), general construction and new services of cloud computing and wireless broadband further stimulate increased bandwidth. Fiber will continue to replace the copper and closer to the end users [url=]china suppliers[/a]. In the 2011 year, the cumulative length of fiber deployment over five back and forth from the earth to the sun's distance.

2012, by the North American (broadband), emerging regions (infrastructure) and China, and the global market growth rate is expected to increase by approximately 10%. Chinese market will at least remain stable compared with 2011 will probably increase, largely benefiting from China telecom operators [url=]shoes manufacturers in china[/a] three giants of the fiber to the home (FTTH), 2G/3G / Wireless LAN, and 4G pilot project investment pull.

Optical fiber cable industry trends

Historically, the optical fiber market prices and capacity utilization are closely related. Fiber prices fell sharply during the mainly due to overcapacity. Since 2006, effective use of the optical fiber industry production capacity, we have observed market prices basically stable. Relatively, the period of a decade ago, prices fell sharply; capacity utilization [url=]latest china products[/a] was also significantly lower than the current level. 2012 market price pressures are expected to lower, because we believe that in 2012 due to strong market demand, global capacity utilization will once again return to a high level.