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Types of Optical Fiber Cables Available in the Market

Consumers should understand that the optical fiber cables come in serveral kinds. This diversity compels them to choose the appropriate type depending on the application. A type of cable may be a more suitable for a given situation. In spite of this, optical fiber is used to transfer data to various devices. And more importantly, they are used to transmit data in the mainland and sea. Optical fibers have become very important in today’s communication system.

There is a single mode and multimode fiber cable, both basically performing a rather similar task. The names right away tell the difference between the two.A single mode fiber cable emits only one beam or a one color of light. This type of cable to send data through a single beam of light. Interference is avoided becaused only a single ray of light. This means a single mode cable can send data over a long distance. Single mode optical fiber cable is more popular in the market. They come in various lengths, and they are more adaptable, being able to perform a wider range of tasks.

A multimode cable several beam of light at the same time, each beam is sent in a different perspective, so as not to interference occurs between beam. The directional transmission of this
nature is sensitive. Because of the sensitivity of the multiple beam mechanism, multi mode cables are usually only used for short distance data transmission to avoid disturbances. The two cables have roughly similar designs though.

There are other types of optical fiber cables. It is to make these cables, make them different. No matter use which types of cable, its main function is to transmitdata. All optical fiber cables are basically the same in terms of essential component and function. It is important to note, however, because the difference of a cable may be more appropriate than any other on occasion.

In addition to single mode and multimode cable, also have loose tube cable. As the name suggests, these have no insulation. The optical fibers are bare or are only covered thinly. They may only be insulated against water or chemicals by a special insulating gel. Loose tube cables are used for outdoor or underground transmission systems.

Tight pack cables are composed of a large bunch of optical fiber wires that are sorted into several sets. These are covered in usual cable insulation, but each fiber set has no protection. A special termination unit is required for every fiber set to stop connections. This type of cable is only apt for short distance transmission purposes.

A simplified version of a tightpack cable is the simplex cable, which makes use of one or two big optical fibers. This allows simple operation and lower energy usage. Outdoor and heavy-duty simplex cables are coated with hard-wearing insulation.

These types of cable can confuse and trouble carefree homeowners. Please note that your device may use fiber optic cable in China. If you are enjoying your computer and the Internet, you most likely to enjoy the benefits brought by the optical fiber.

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