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Product name : Fibre Fusion Splice Protectors
Item : FO-070
Price : $ 113.0-115.0/10,000pce
Manufacturer : FO-LINK
Weight : 
Size : 3.0mm diamter x 45.0mm or 60.0mm or 40.0mm
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Fibre Fusion Splice Protectors
Our splice protectors are designed to maintain the strength & environmental stability of optical fibre cables after fusion splicing.
1. Components; heat shrinkable outer tube, hot melt fusion tube and stainless steel strength rod
2. Maintains optical properties of fibre
3. Provides strength and protection to optical fibre splices
4. Easy to use and install without damaging splice
5. Clear sleeve to allow visual location of splice prior to shrinking
6. Sealant protects splice
Operating Temperature
1. -45°C to +100°C
2. Minimum shrink temperature (full recovery): 120°C
Stainless Rod: 201Grade
Shrink Process: Heat to 125°C / maintain 80 seconds / cool
Material: PE (Polyethylene)
Outer tube encloses and captures fusion tube and rod.
Fusion tube centred in assembly
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